About Us

Based in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario since 1984, Haveman Brothers is one of the most respected resource support services company in the region. With a reputation for fast, efficient, and accurate work and a favourite among industry workers, Haveman Brothers has the expertise and skilled teams needed to get your project finished.

The Safety EMS - A Uniquely Haveman Brothers Policy Manual

Haveman Brothers is unique in the industry, developing and maintaining its own 200-page Safety Environmental Management System (EMS) that is customized to operating in Northwestern Ontario. Why is this important for you? It helps ensure that your project will be in full compliance with all regulating bodies and reduces the risk of incidents that could jeopardize it or slow your project down.

Besides, if we’re that committed to maintaining our own policy manual, imagine how dedicated we’ll be to completing – and properly documenting – your project…

Contact us for more information about our services and our philosophy, or to discuss specific questions about how Haveman Brothers can help you with your next project.