First Nations Consultation

Working Alongside our First Nation Partners


More and more, working in the resource sector in Northwestern Ontario today means forging partnerships with one or more First Nations in the area. Haveman Brothers can help advise resource-based and other types of commercial ventures doing business in the area about various federal and provincial Acts that may come into play, consult on the process of securing consent through band resolutions (where necessary), and familiarize companies with First Nations cultures across the region. In some cases, Haveman Brothers can act as a liaison during any negotiations with First Nations band councils.

Haveman Brothers is well respected by First Nations in the region and has developed a strong working relationship with our First Nation partners. We are a proud member of Canadian Coalition for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), which helps facilitate sustainable relations between the Canadian business sector and First Nation, Inuit, and Métis people. We also have MOUs with several key-positioned First Nation communities, and we are always working to develop a spirit of cooperation.

Our philosophy at Haveman Brothers is to empower our First Nation partners and help them thrive. We actively pursue this in a number of ways, including through work projects – on one tree planting project, we had a 50/50 mix of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workers on our crews, and hosted a Cultural Sensitivity Gathering to help foster cross-cultural understanding. We also help Aboriginal communities through training programs, teaching band members the skills necessary to advance their own programs and businesses.

Our past performance and various letters of recommendation from Band Councils serve to illustrate how strong our partnerships with First Nation communities in the region are.

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