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The key to our success is our fully trained, experienced employees. Our crews are some of the best in the region: ministry-licensed and experienced prospectors with extensive experience working in the rugged Northwestern Ontario landscape in all four seasons. They have a good eye for rocks and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. 

Most importantly, if there is such thing as a “documentation expert” in this industry, Haveman Brothers would be it. All samples and sample locations are thoroughly documented and well organized for easy reference and verification. Our exploration experts are also trained to recognize and be sensitive to Aboriginal Traditional Values sites. 

Haveman Brothers provides many value-added services that others can’t or won’t offer including helicopter pad and drill pad construction, camp building and management, and road and trail clearing to make access to your claims and drill targets easier.

That’s the real advantage of bringing in Haveman Brothers for your next exploration project – we have the bird’s eye view needed to show you what’s needed to register your claim and keep it in good standing, and the boots on the ground to make it happen.

Ontario Exploration Services

Geochemical Surveying

Soil, vegetation, or rocks, Haveman Brothers Exploration Division can provide sampling using a variety of methods.

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Prospecting in Ontario

Our prospectors have extensive experience working in Northern Ontario across many terrains and extreme climates.

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Trenching and Channel Sampling

We can provide complete trenching, pressure washing, and channel sampling for your project.

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Line Cutting

Our line cutting service has a proven track record for accuracy, and we stand by our work to ensure the precision of every project.

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First Nations Consultation

We are well respected by First Nations in the region, with a strong working relationship with our First Nation partners.

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Why Choose Haveman?

See what makes us one of the most respected resource support services companies in the region.


We ensure full confidentiality on all details and documentation for every project Haveman Brothers undertakes.

WSIB Covered

Haveman Brothers Exploration is fully covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario.

Fully Insured

Our work and our crew is fully insured to ensure your safety and ours for the duration of our relationship.

Completed to
MNDM Standards

Documents satisfy Ministry of Northern Development and Mines requirements.

Working Relationships
with Northern & First
Nations Communities

We ensure our work meets First Nations requirements with no negative impact.

Full-Time Manager

We have a full-time manager employed to answer any questions or concerns about your project.

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